Welcome Autumn

Love for nature & soft materials

As the air turns crisper and the leaves begin to paint the world in vibrant hues, we welcome the arrival of fall, a season of warmth, transformation, and breathtaking natural beauty.

It’s time to embrace the comfort of cashmere and the coziness of warm, soft, and natural materials. Each garment becomes a cocoon, shielding us from the cold.

In the warmth of family and friends, gathered indoors, we find comfort and calmness, creating cherished moments of hygge that enrich our lives.

Welcome dear autumn, we have been looking forward.

Our AW23 collection consists of a few new and carefully selected designs as well as new classic colors on some of our favorites and best selling styles. Classic jumpers and sweaters, chunky cardigans, soft pants in 100% cashmere and soft wool, as well as warm luxury accessories.

Danish design, crafted from natural, high-quality materials produced with respect for people and the planet.

Speaking of soft materials. Maybe you remember this blogpost, in which we explain why wearing soft clothes close to the body is important for both body and soul?

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