Soft & Healing - Josephine loungewear


We have been looking forward to introducing you to Josephine - a new series of soft and comfortable wardrobe essentials that you never want to be without.

This feminine loungewear is perfect for slow days at home, styled alone, with layers of handmade cashmere and soft wool. Style it with your favorite jeans or skirt, cardigan or blazer for a nice casual look for everyday use during the cold months.

Furthermore, the series is great for practicing yin yoga, meditation or pilates.
We ourselves enjoy wearing the soft styles here in the office when we do either yin yoga or meditation after lunch every Thursday.

Vicky Olivia, who, in addition to being part of our wonderful team, is also a Yoga teacher and Complementary hormone therapist, explains below why wearing soft clothes on the body is important for both body and soul:

It’s not often we think about it, and some doesn´t know it at all - but the skin is the body’s largest organ. And like the body’s other organs, the skin plays a vital role in our health. In addition to providing information and providing protection, the skin is also a sensory organ with direct access to both the nervous system and the hormonal system.

It is therefore quite important to pay attention to what meets the skin - and here we are not talking about skin care products.

Few people know that we can hack directly into our nervous system, just by letting our skin touch soft and comfortable materials. The feeling of soft blankets and clothes stimulates the nervous system and increases the formation of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as the pleasure hormone and the genius of this hormone is that it normalizes our stress levels.


"Soft and natural materials on the skin are as much a part of my health routine as natural and nutritious diet, good sleep, yoga and meditation."


As a hormone therapist and yoga teacher, I often teach both students and clients the link between the hormonal system and the skin. This link is an easy and accessible way to balance stress in the body and increase the feeling of well-being and enjoyment.

I myself am very aware of what clothes I wear, and as a mother and self-employed with a busy day, one of my daily bio-hacks is of course to wear clothes that affect and stimulate my nervous system and hormonal balance positively. That’s why you never see me in synthetic material or clothing that tightens or bothers. In fact, I can´t remember how many years it has been since I wore a pair of tight jeans. On the other hand, you can almost always find me in soft knits, leggings, pants and dresses made of natural and soft materials. Or with cashmere socks or a soft blanket around me on the couch. This applies both when I do yoga myself, when I teach, have clients or work. It is the few of us who can avoid stress in life completely - and therefore soft materials for me, have become a natural part of a comfortable and balanced everyday life.

Soft and natural materials on the skin are as much a part of my health routine as natural and nutritious diet, good sleep, yoga and meditation.

Vicky Olivia

Yoga Teacher & Complementary Hormone Therapist. 

The series consists of a top, t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt and trousers and is made of our lovely "wool with kisses of cashmere quality" - an exceptionally soft and durable high-quality blend of wool and cashmere.

Josephine is certified handmade in our social workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, and made on an old-fashioned hand-knitting machine without the use of electricity.


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