CARE BY ME is a Danish brand known for its exquisite clothing, luxurious accessories, and timeless interior designs, all grounded in long-lasting design principles, high-quality natural materials, and responsible production.

At the heart of our mission the purpose is clear: we empower women in their journey towards a better life.

We are dedicated to supporting communities and women in developing countries through our thoughtful design, production processes, and love for true craftsmanship.

Combining our Danish design heritage with skilled craftsmanship, we create exclusive products cherished worldwide.

We wish to inspire and guide our customers to make more responsible choices, appreciating the exceptional craftsmanship behind each product. This supports  our vision and hope for a better world for both people and planet.

CARE BY ME is a company owned and run by women designing exclusive products for people in our part of the world while empowering women in developing countries.

We run a responsible business with respect and care for everyone involved in CARE BY ME. By focusing on empowering women, we help secure their future, enable them to feed their families, ensure their children’s education and provide them with a more secure life.

It is our clear intention that everyone who works for us should have a proper and respectful life and work under reasonable conditions that support our values.

The women in our social workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal have a special place in our hearts. It was in the very center of this beautiful city our sustainable journey started in 2012 and today we proudly employ more than 75 talented women in our social workshop in Kathmandu.

We hope you will join our conscious and more responsible journey for many years to come.