The cashmere yarn

Cashmere yarn is made of the finest hair from the undercoat of cashmere goats.  Most cashmere goats live in Mongolia, Nepal and China in a very cold climate, where winters can be down to minus 40 degrees. This forces the cashmere goats to adapt to the climate by developing a double layer of wool. The inner layer is used to make our cashmere yarn. 

The cashmere quality

The quality of cashmere is defined by fineness, color, softness and length.  The most important factors in the quality of cashmere are the length and fineness of the fibers.  Items made with long, fine fibers will pill less and maintain their shape better than items made with short thick hair.  

In Nepal, cashmere is classified into three grades - A, B, and C.
CARE BY ME exclusively uses grade A quality, known for being the best and most expensive.

The ply  

Ply is the number of strands twisted together to make the cashmere yarn.  At CARE BY ME we use no less than 2 ply yarn, as one ply yarn is simply not strong enough. For our handknit items we use 2 ply yarn, but we bunch these into 3, so that our hand knit items are actually 6 ply (3x2).

The gauge

Gauge is a measurement telling how tightly the item is knitted. Gauge refers to the number of stitches and rows per inch.  The higher the gauge number, the tighter, or finer, the knit.

The sourcing

Our cashmere is primarily purchased from yarn mills that are certified from: The Good Cashmere Standard® (GCS). An independent standard for sustainable cashmere, developed by the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), that aims to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, the working conditions of farmers and to protect the environment.


At CARE BY ME we use different types of wool. They all share the benefit of being 100% natural, biodegradable, 100% renewable, naturally breathable, soft against the skin and easy to care for.

Cashmere / silk

A delicate and exceptionally soft blend made from 75% cashmere and 25% silk. The yarn is brushed a bit, resulting in a wonderfully soft finish. We call it summer cashmere because of the light and exquisite expression.

Cashmere / wool

“Wool with a kiss of cashmere” - a wonderful, natural blend made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere.
A soft and durable high-quality wool and cashmere quality that makes it perfect for loungewear, chunky knits, and long-lasting interior.

Linen / cotton

A natural and soft blend of 50% organic cotton and 50% linen.

The special weaving method and the combination of soft cotton and raw linen make the fabric perfect for clothing. Furthermore, this strong and breathable fiber absorbs moisture and keeps the skin cool on hot summer days, resulting in the perfect fabric for clothing that can be worn all year round.

Not only are linen and cotton some of the most durable fabrics available, but they are also both natural fabrics.

This unique blend is responsibly produced by solar energy and complements our journey towards a more conscious lifestyle.

Recycled cashmere & wool

As a new material, we have included recycled cashmere and wool to our collection, and we are incredibly happy to have started this production in Italy. 
Italy is known for amazing craftsmanship and their ability to recycle materials is unique.

The fine materials have been carefully collected, transformed into small fibers, spun into the finest yarn, and woven into a beautiful, conscious product, ready to embrace a new owner.
Many manufacturers use polyester material when recycling wool and cashmere. 
We do not - our products are 100% natural and comply with international standards for recycling. 

Organic cotton 

At CARE BY ME, we are dedicated to using only 100% organic and certified cotton. Our goal is to support the cultivation of cotton without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or other soil additives that can harm the environment and the people involved. The majority of the cotton we use is GOTS certified, ensuring a fully transparent supply chain and fair wages for all people involved.

We are proud to be GOTS certified, and the certification enables us to have a clear view of our supply chain from seed to final garment.
As a GOTS certified brand, we adhere to specific requirements regarding chemistry, the environment, and social responsibility.

To learn more about the GOTS certification, please visit GOTS.

Why choose GOTS certified organic cotton?

Environmental Responsibility
By choosing GOTS certified organic cotton, you're supporting a farming method that avoids harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, and additives. This helps protect the Earth, preserving soil health, conserving water, and safeguarding ecosystems.

Health and Well-being
Conventional cotton farming involves the use of pesticides and insecticides that can harm farmers and their communities. With GOTS certified organic cotton, you can trust that the cotton is grown without these chemicals, prioritizing the health and well-being of those involved.

Ethical Production
GOTS certification ensures fair wages and safe working conditions for everyone in the supply chain, from farmers to factory workers. When you choose our GOTS certified cotton products, you're supporting a sustainable and responsible industry that values human rights.

Transparency and Trust
With GOTS certification, you can have confidence in the integrity of our products. Each step, from sourcing the fibers to creating the final garment, is documented and traceable.
We prioritize transparency, so you know you're making an ethical and sustainable choice.

Certified by Control Union License no. CU 863102