When we talk design at CARE BY ME, we have core demands that the design must be long lasting, it should be done in the best material available, and it should only contain necessary elements.

We are very proud of our Danish design heritage and we try to unite this with contemporary design and great craftsmanship.

Long lasting design

The style and shape must be something you would consider wearing now and 10 years hence.  Of course, most women like to freshen their wardrobe sometimes, but we believe that our designs are those that you may put away for a while and then want to bring out again and love once more.

The best material available

Wherever we work, we choose the highest quality local product as much as possible.  We only choose the best materials within its range.  For cashmere this would be grade A quality.  For cotton, it is only GOTS certified and working with Gauze, cotton poplin and spun cotton.  For wool, linen and cashmere blends we only choose the best materials from Nepal.

CARE BY ME will never work in materials that are not naturally occurring, unless it is recycled and therefore more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our design heritage

Chic minimalism, functional, timeless, simplistic, high quality.

Danish design, whether it is furniture or clothing, is known all over the world for its clean, simple lines, great materials and classic creations that never go out of style.  On a larger scale, the recent design boom in Copenhagen is inspired by light, water, open spaces and sustainability. 

Originally, Danish design was a product of the 1950s. The post-war period experienced a lack of materials, and therefore durability and high quality was in demand.  Design in this period was thus characterized by simple design, functionality and minimalism.  Danish design is simply made for living.

Some of the most prominent Danish designers from the mid-century period, Georg Jensen, Hans J. Wegner, Finn Juhl and Arne Jacobsen, just to name a few, all made Danish design popular on an international scale.  Today’s designers are still inspired by elements of the Danish design classics of the post-war era.

Camilla, the founder of CARE BY ME, was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture.  In her first years of school she found inspiration in architecture from both Danish and foreign architects.  She made fashion collections with the inspiration from Carlo Scarpa, Mogens Lassen and Paladio.  Today she still finds her inspiration in architecture, but also from nature, culture and arts.

Great Craftsmanship

We treasure great craftsmanship.  In our world there’s nothing better than the sound of needles clicking together while knitting by hand or the sound of the sledge from a weave going forward and backward creating the most beautiful textile.  We are amazed to see what hands can do – young hands or old hands - all creating beautiful garments for the joy of others.

When we work in a country we cherish their craftsmanship traditions and perhaps we help to refine the design or production processes, but ultimate strive help keep old traditions alive.

The new luxury has heart


The new luxury has heart

When we talk about luxury, it’s not just about Champagne and stilettos. 

It’s about the possibility to shop for quality goods, that are made in the most sustainable way.

The new luxury is purchasing products purposefully, knowing they are made with the best raw materials, and that the people who made them have good conditions with regard to education, salary, human rights and last, but not least, with the highest level of craftsmanship and design.

The new luxury is discreet luxury – you do not need to “show off” – you just need to have the best quality available, a design, unique handicraft, a good feeling and the possibility to make your own choices. 

At CARE BY ME we say: The new luxury has heart