Care Info

Cashmere is an amazing natural material that is extremely addictive when you get your first piece inside your home. Use your cashmere regularly, but remember to treat it well so that it lasts long – and looks new for longer!

How to wash your cashmere:

We recommend that you avoid washing your cashmere product too often. Cashmere is self-cleaning, and smells disappear quickly from the material. Try airing it outside or on a hanger in the bathroom, while showering and let the steam clean it.

Machine washing

We recommend that you wash your cashmere product in the washing machine either on a wool or handwashing program on 30 degrees and max 400 centrifuge – however do not use large industrial machines nor top load washers with agitators.

Always use detergent specifically for wool or our soap nuts, and never fabric softener.

Dry cashmere lying flat, preferably on a towel in the shadow and never in the dryer.  Avoid stretching the material when laying it out to dry.


It is possible to hand wash cashmere, but as it is common to rub or wring the product while doing so, we dissuade this. You risk wringing it out of shape or destroying the fibers. If handwashing is a necessity, wash one item at a time in lukewarm water and with liquid detergent made from soap nuts or store-bought made for wool.  Lift the product carefully in and out of the water.  Do NOT wring or rub the material.  Gently press the excess water out using the palm and let it dry on a flat surface, preferably on a towel and in the shadow.

Remember to never stretch the product.

Stain removal

Cashmere is naturally stain resistant, but should you ever have a stain, then wash the item as advised above.  Avoid rubbing the stain!  Blot only.  If it is not possible to remove the stain by machine or hand washing the item, then contact a professional dry cleaner.  


Even the best quality cashmere will produce pilling, especially under the arms or other places where the material rubs against itself.  We recommend that you do not use electrical appliances or shave the cashmere, since you risk cutting threats or fibers, creating more pilling or even holes.  Instead, use our cashmere comb, which gently removes pilling.  Place your cashmere product on a flat surface and ”comb” it, in the needed areas.  As an alternative, you can remove it with your fingers.

Storing of cashmere products

Avoid using hangers for your cashmere items.  You might find that they lose their shape, especially items which are heavier.  Fold the product and put it in a drawer or closet.  Since cashmere is a natural material it can attract vermin such as moths and woolly bears.  If long time storage is needed, we recommend that you pack the item in airtight bags.  An old advice is to use dried lavender in your drawers or closets against vermin – and it smells lovely!