Welcome summer


Finally, the calendar shows June, and it's officially summer!

In May, we already got a taste of summer with plenty of sunshine, warm, bright days, and blue skies. Let's hope June will be just as delightful and mild.

Here at the office, we are looking forward to long, bright nights, sun-kissed skin, and cozy dinners outside with family and friends as the sun sets.

Below you will get inspiration for timeless summer essentials, all made from natural materials. Perfect for summer parties, warm days at the office, slow days at the beach and not least to pack in your suitcase when it’s vacation time.

Before we know it, the summer holidays will be here. And whether you are staying at home, going for a sunny charter, or camping in the north, light, breezy styles, beautiful summer accessories and warm knits are essential.

Wishing you a wonderful summer <3

Pssst! Sankt Hans on June 23rd is one of the summer highlights for our founder and creative director Camilla Gullits. Click to read or re-read the post

Light, breezy & warm summer inspiration



1. Laura Bell top 2. Sun hat 3. Cecilie tunic 4. Christine t-shirt 5. Laura pants casual6. Beach tote bag 7. Laura Tulip dress 8. Holly cardigan 9. Cecilie skirt 10. Grace scarf 11. Calm throw 12. Wheat scarf 13. Anastasia t-shirt 14. Laura tie top 15. Dream bedding 16. Laura Bell dress 17. Laura shorts 18. Laura shopping bag / 19. Laura long skirt 20. Sun hat stripe 21. Cecilie shirt 22. Beach bag stripe 23. Cecilie pants

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