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The joy of Christmas

At CARE BY ME, we love Christmas.
We cherish its traditions, the cozy atmosphere, and the joyful anticipation it brings - the delight of spoiling others and being spoiled ourselves.

The twinkling lights, festive decorations, and delightful treats. The crackling fire in the fireplace, your favorite go-to Christmas movie, and a touch of snow if we're lucky, to create that truly magical Christmas atmosphere.

Welcome, dear December, we are more than ready for you.

For our Founder and Creative Director Camilla Gullits, Christmas is also a wonderful time, and she has several cherished traditions in December. Let's share a few today - maybe they'll inspire you too.

May your December be kind and filled with precious moments with your loved ones. Extend a little extra warmth to those who may find the holiday season challenging, share a smile with strangers on your path, and sprinkle a bit of that magical Christmas charm wherever you go.

Camilla's December Highlights

One of Camilla's beloved traditions in December is the gathering of all her children and grandchildren on the 1st Sunday of Advent for a cozy Christmas get-together. It involves baking an array of cookies, crafting gingerbread houses, and creating delectable confections. Bosse, the eldest grandchild, often enjoys the privilege of having his very own gingerbread house crafted by his great-grandfather. It's a delightful day cherished by both young and old, eagerly anticipated each year – much like the joy brought by a horse-drawn carriage ride in Dyrehaven.

Another thing Camilla looks forward to is having lunch with her husband during the month. December is very busy for both of them, and the calendar is also well-filled on weekends. Therefore, a couple of hours of togetherness over lunch in the heart of Copenhagen has become a lovely and appreciated new Christmas tradition.

During the holiday season, Camilla loves to spread a little extra love on her three grown children, who no longer live at home.  She enjoys wrapping both Advent and Christmas gifts, and the wrapping itself is a gift with homemade tags and decorations, either from nature or crafted herself.

In general, everything cozy, homemade, and creatively curated captures Camilla's spirit. Whether it's Christmas decorations, gifts, ornaments, wreaths, tags, or table decorations – every detail is meticulously thought out.
For Camilla, these moments provide a peaceful moment and a burst of energy in the otherwise busy December for CARE BY ME.

Careful Christmas

By choosing soft Christmas gifts from CARE BY ME, you are making a meaningful impact on the lives of the people we work with in Nepal and India.

Our commitment to helping and teaching women acts as a key factor in ensuring their future. It empowers them to take care of their families, guarantee their children's education, and create a safer, and therefore more peaceful, life.

Looking for inspiration for your Christmas wishes? Please explore our selection of luxurious Christmas gifts for both him and her, as well as delightful gifts under EUR 140. They all share a common thread – crafted with love and consideration for both people and the planet. Timeless designs made from natural, quality materials that promise enjoyment for years to come.

As a gesture of gratitude, we will lovingly wrap your gift completely free of charge.

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