No Black Friday

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CARE BY ME is founded on the desire to change the way we as humans act. We wish to encourage and help our customers to make more sustainable choices and to cherish the work and great craftmanship that lies behind each product. And in that way support our hope and mission for a better world for both humans and nature.

We run a responsible business with respect and care to everyone involved in CARE BY ME. People who work with us must all have a proper & respectful life and work under fair conditions which supports our values. Especially, the women in our social workshops in Kathmandu have a special place in our hearts – it was in Nepal it all started in 2012.

Our mission will only succeed if we as consumers change our behavior and mindset. We hope to encourage our customers to see our sustainable and socially responsible styles as an investment. A piece of beautiful and timeless Danish design and great craftsmanship, that they want to keep and treasure, for a long, long time.

Before a product ends up in our hands, it goes through many stages. We want ALL people in all these processes to be treated properly and have a safe life with the opportunity to choose freely.

The raw material must be produced and processed, made into yarn, dyed, knitted, woven, washed, steamed, labeled, packaged, sent, received, placed in stock, sent from stock - to eventually become a product you can buy.

At CARE BY ME, we make long-lasting Danish design that lasts season after season and year after year. But if our customers don’t need a product anymore, we encourage them to pass it on, by reselling it or simply giving it away.

We are also very happy to see our customers repair, upcycle or even create new products from their old CARE BY ME favorites - a sustainable mindset we support.

We believe that in our part of the world, we have enough resources to treat other people with respect. We believe that the new luxury is full of love for people and our beautiful planet.

Over the last 10 years, more and more people have become more aware of their consumption, just as more and more brands have also started to think sustainability into their business strategy.

At CARE BY ME, sustainability is not an add on - or something we spice up our brand with – it’s our core DNA.

We love that more and more people share our values, and choose to distance themselves from mass consumption, and consciously choose products and brands that think sustainability into their products and business. Together we can make a difference.

So no, we do not support Black Friday at CARE BY ME.

We have an ordinary Friday, where you can, as always, shop fantastic products in natural quality materials made with love to people and planet.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

Love and smiles from our team in Copehagen and all the people you make a difference to

Camila Gullits, Founder of CARE BY ME.

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