Together we are stronger

(təˈɡɛðənɪs )
Togetherness is a happy feeling of affection and closeness to other people, especially your friends and family.

For the past year the world has changed. We are standing in front of a new normality and a great longing for the everyday life we had. We have all been isolated like never before, and more than ever we miss being together with family and friends.

We have all been practicing so much #metime that we almost had enough of ourselves. We have never before spent so many hours doing #homespas - and despite the fact, that we believe in #selfcare we have sadly never been more lonely due to lack of being able to be together.

Spring has finally arrived, and we are facing brighter, warmer and more positive times – it has to be.

Because we miss being together. We miss being close. We miss being united with the people we love instead of being isolated at home. 

We need love. We need each other. We need to be together - smiling, laughing and hugging. 

Hopefully, we are very soon able to be #together once again and we cross our fingers that #togetherness will be the main keyword this spring and summer. For all of us.

We can do this. Together.

Because together we are stronger.

With love,


Inspiration & visual expression

Our designer and founder Camilla Gullits has found her inspiration for this campaign in both some of her loving childhood memories and from the famous Nordic “impressionists”; Skagensmalerne (The Danish Skagen painters).

The very special light, gentle expression and warm color tones the paintings express are absolutely magical, and Camilla wanted to bring that look into the campaign.

That feeling and unique expression combined with the longing for us all to be together again and Camilla’s childhood memories, her wish for the campaign has come true.

“When I was a little girl, we always went for a day at the Dyrehaven called the White Picnic. Everyone - children as well as adults - were all dressed up in white having lunch in the beautiful surroundings. Smiles, fun and togetherness - I will never forget that very special feeling of joy and the beautiful image of people all dressed in white I have stored in my memory”

We cannot wait for light, long and warmer days. For crisp, breezy and white styles in organic cotton poplin. Bare feet in the grass, dip´s in the ocean and dancing in the moonlight.

Click to explore our crisp organic poplin universe – new styles available in April.

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