Introducing undyed cashmere


100% cashmere - 100% natural - 100 % undyed

Nature itself has always been our great source of inspiration, and we work exclusively with natural, high quality materials.
Materials that, from nature's side, are often beautiful in themselves. 

This season we are proud to introduce 100% undyed cashmere
in two fine natural colors for our conscious universe - wheat & dark sand.

Our undyed cashmere styles are completely pure, without dyes and biodegradable. Long-lasting, timeless design that lives up to our core values. Danish design created with love and with respect for people, animals and the planet.

For 10 years, our mission has been to create beautiful design for both you and your home while helping women in developing countries to better living conditions for themselves and their families. Our designs are created with respect for both people and the planet, without compromising on style, quality and design, and our new undyed cashmere styles are another result of that mindset.

Both our existing and the new AW22 collection includes several styles in these beautiful shades of natural cashmere. 

Get ready for a cold, gray and windy season, all dressed in warm and soft cashmere from head to toe

- soft self-pampering with a clear conscience ♡

Every time you buy a style from CARE BY ME, you are helping to improve the living conditions for the women we have
employed in our social workshops as well as their families.

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