Introducing recycled throws from Italy

reduce - reuse - recycle

For a long time, we have dreamed of adding designs in recycled fabric to our timeless and long-lasting universe, and now that dream has come true. Recycling fits in well with our values and more responsible and thoughtful approach to fashion and interior.

Therefore, we are incredibly happy to have started a production with recycled cashmere and wool in Prato, Italy. 
Italy is known for amazing craftsmanship and their ability to recycle materials is unique.

Please welcome CALM & EMBRACE. 

Two beautiful throws made from 80% wool and 20% cashmere. Recycled materials, that have been carefully collected, transformed into small fibers, spun into the finest yarn, and woven into a new, conscious product, ready to embrace a new owner.

It's a mindset we love at CARE BY ME. 

Why recycling?

Reusing materials not only reduces waste sent to landfills, but also helps to conserve energy and resources that would otherwise be used to produce a new item. 
By reusing materials, we can help reduce the negative effects of climate change and make a positive impact on the planet. 

Many manufacturers use polyester material when recycling wool and cashmere. 
We do not - our products are 100% natural and comply with international standards for recycling.

Love to People & Planet.

The process 

Recycled materials have been carefully collected, sorted by color, cleaned from buttons, brand labels, zippers, etc., transformed into small fibers, spun into the finest yarn to finally be woven into a new product, ready to embrace a new owner.


CALM throw - shades of brown

CALM throw - shades of grey

EMBRACE throw - grey check

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