Interviewing Illums Bolighus & anniversary exhibition


Illums Bolighus is known all over the world for their fantastic collection of beautiful products with a focus on Danish design and high quality. At CARE BY ME, we are proud to have been represented in Illums Bolighus since we started 10 years ago.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have in collaboration with Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen, created a nice exhibition which takes place from 29 September to 15 October - week 40+41.

Stop by the exhibition to explore and purchase soft and warm autumn styles for both you and your home. Timeless styles, created from the finest, natural quality materials with respect for people and the planet.

Handmade cashmere scarves and hats, warm knitwear, soft home wear, warm handfeltet slippers, loungewear in organic cotton, luxurious cashmere socks and beautiful cushions and throws.

Danish design for the quality-conscious consumer with sustainability, social responsibility, and love of nature at the fore.

Interviewing Illums Bolighus

We paid Illums Bolighus a visit to get their opinion on why, CARE BY ME and Illums Bolighus is such a good match.

What is the reason why CARE BY ME has been represented in Illums Bolighus for 10 years?

When we chose CARE BY ME as a brand for Illums Bolighus 10 years ago, it was because they had a unique collection within pillows and plaids.They were first movers with products that were handmade and in materials of the highest quality that fit well into our range of architect-designed furniture and interior design. Our selection of CARE BY ME has expanded over the years and today CARE BY ME is represented both in our living department with exclusive pillows and plaids and in our ladies department with loungewear and delicious knitwear.CARE BY ME offers our customers long-lasting designs.The collections are classic and timeless.CARE BY ME ́s products are made of the best materials primarily with a focus on Cashmere, which fits well into our Universe of exclusive design for the quality-conscious consumer.

In your opinion, what value does it add to a brand like CARE BY ME to be represented in Illums Bolighus?

For a small brand like CARE BY ME, it is of great value to be presented to our many Danish and international customers. Illums Bolighus ensures CARE BY ME a large international showcase all year round, where their products are exhibited with some of Denmark’s largest design brands of all time.Illums Bolighus is highly respected as an international department store, and we are pleased to be able to help new Danish brands on their way.

Which customer type does CARE BY ME address in Illums Bolighus?

CARE BY ME is aimed at the responsible consumer who emphasizes natural materials and good Danish, contemporary design. The brand has an international expression which attracts customers from all over the world.

Illums Bolighus

Illums Bolighus was originally founded in 1925 under the name of BO.

The man behind BO was the Danish entrepreneur Kaj Dessau, who was blessed with a strong sense of aesthetics as well as a flair for business.Working with his artistic consultant Brita Drewsen, he created a concept that had never been seen before: a store with arranged and furnished interiors, where textiles, appointments, and furniture all interacted as art.

The exceptional foresight displayed by both Drewsen and Dessau, as well as their impeccable sense of style and quality, played an important role in the international acclaim long accorded to Danish interior design.

Architect MAA Kay Kørbing designed the facade of Illums Bolighus in 1961, stylish and classic with an understated extravagance on the busy square of Amagertorv in the heart of Copenhagen.

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