ICON - a tribute to women

Love for women & true craftsmanship

We have been very much looking forward to introducing you to ICON.
A beautifully crafted scarf made from 100% light and luxurious cashmere, skillfully woven in Nepal.

The scarf serves as a tribute to the wonderful women who work in our social workshop in Kathmandu.
It was in Nepal our journey began, driven by Camilla's passion for both women empowerment and the love of true craftsmanship. She dreamed of a project that would enhance the living conditions for the women we work with and bring joy to those who embrace our designs – a vision that has been successfully fulfilled and is evolving day by day.

Today, we proudly employ 75 women in our workshop and each flower on the ICON scarf represents them all. The scarf features a total of 75 hand-printed Lotus flowers, each carrying its own unique story to share.

Among them, some remain very close to us, while others embark on new adventures, and some are journeying towards us.

Regardless of their journey, we aim to help them all and provide them with opportunities for professional development, thereby enabling them to lead fulfilling and secure lives.

We hope you like it <3 

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