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What is your morning routine?

I am always up early in the morning around 6:00 and I always start the day by drinking a glass of water. Then I prioritize half an hour of yoga daily via Yogastream, which allows me to vary the content of my yoga practice. It is important to me that my body is in movement and that I’m physically active from the very start of the day. It gives me a nice feeling in the body and a great balance due to my very busy and scheduled days, that mostly do not leave room for exercise. My morning yoga is the perfect addition to my runs 3-4 times a week.

When I’m finished doing yoga, I go for a walk with my dog, and then it's time for breakfast, which is also the same every day; a bowl of oatmeal with soy milk and frozen blueberries from Norway. I like the feel of the totally cool berries. In addition, a cup of black coffee.

After breakfast, I get ready for the day, and here too, ‘simplicity’ is very telling for my routines. I am a ‘quick shower’ (smiles) - I take an ultra-fast bath (primarily to save water), and I always end up rinsing with cold water.

When I get out of the bath, I add a splash of colder water on my face for vitality. The principles behind Yrolí are a very simple skin care routine that does not interfere with the skin's natural microbiome, so in the morning I just wash my face in water and add moisture with our Eye Serum & Face Oil. Finally, I apply a light makeup.

How do you prefer to spend an hour in your own company?

I love walking listen to an audiobook and I am a diligent user of Mofibo. That's the best I can do for myself. For the past month, I've been listening for 51 hours, and I listen to one book a week. Right now, I have the Norwegian author Lars Saabye Christensen in my ears, and that obviously makes me a little nostalgic, as the novels take place in Oslo, Norway. With the audiobooks, I allow myself to take a mental break that gets my heart rate down. And that's important when most of my days are very busy all around the country.

What is your best advice for showing self-love and prioritizing yourself in a busy day?

For me, self-love is connected to my regular routines and a simple approach to them. I give them very high priority. The most important thing is my sleep - without 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night, it all becomes easier to collapse, and I do not want that.

Have you made a decision in your life that has been particularly good for you?

Yes. The one that has been best for my health and well-being was the decision to become a vegetarian. It was at the request of my daughter 8 years ago. At a time when I was alone with my three children. I decided to embrace her decision and since we have lived vegetarian. It has been the best decision ever and to me it’s not a problem and I find it very easy. Ever since I had a better feeling of lightness in my body, which is indispensable for me today.

What advice, on creating a life in balance, would you give your younger self?

Not to be so busy growing up and make a difference. I would advise myself to follow my dreams and not let myself be slowed down by the fact that it might take a few more years to complete my education. For the same reason, I have since taken a lot of continuing education to pursue my original dream.

Your best tip for a strong and healthy body as well as a mind in balance?

It is to make sure that most basic and fundamental is in order and in balance. That you get enough sleep, eat healthy, and find the balance between being active and at rest and so on.

What does a good night's sleep mean to you?

Everything. Sleep is very important for your health. Both for the body and the mind. But also, in relation to the skin, which we work with at Yrolí. The skin regenerates up to eight times faster at night. So, a healthy skin is very much a skin that gets rest at night and the best conditions for repair and renewal. Skin care is an important companion to a good night’s (beauty)sleep.

If we do not get enough sleep (especially the deep sleep is important), then our body will interpret the lack of sleep as a sign of stress and these signals will cause impurities. However, the stress signals also cause the skin to be unable to retain moisture, and as a result, cell formation is reduced.

I therefore try to create the best setting for a good sleep. Luckily, I am owner of a good sleeping heart. And if the window is open and the room cool, I can fall asleep everywhere. Before I go to rest, I once again prioritize the simple routine of cleansing with Micellar Water, Eye Serum, Hydrate Overnight & Multi Balm for the lips. Hydrate Overnight contains antioxidants that slow down the aging of the skin by promoting collagen levels, increasing cell division, and preventing moisture loss, and is the ultimate best care I can give my skin for the night.

Do you have an easy beauty tip that we may share?

A good tip is to prioritize cleansing in the evening. At Yrolí, we have a strong focus on preserving the skin's natural microbiome. This means that we simply cleanse the skin in the evening with Micellar Water and in the morning, only rinses the skin with cold water. An indispensable beauty product is our Boosting Face Oil 01, which gives a very special glow and that ‘Instant feeling’ of vitality in the skin. And then it postpones the aging process.

In addition, beauty for me is related to how I have chosen to live. I have never smoked, eat plant-based, drink alcohol with care, and try to minimize sugar.

"I have never smoked, eat plant-based, drink alcohol with care, and try to minimize sugar."

If you could choose an activity of your own choice that would fill you with lots of energy - what would it be?

It is, without a doubt, spending time with our adult children. They are my 'favorite people’, and we always have fun together. I find great joy in their age right now, their independence and way of approaching life.


Yrolí Skincare was founded in 2018 by Trine-Lise Buestad-Kjeldsmark and Jette Nørgaard Haulrig. Their products are created out of a desire to simplify your skin care routine so that you use fewer and only the most essential products, but without compromising on the quality and effect of them. In addition, they are the frontrunners for the Blue Beauty movement, which sets new standards in green skin care. This means, among other things, that they prioritize the use of safe, sustainable, and sea-safe ingredients as well as recycled, recyclable, or refillable packaging for Yrolí's products.

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