Today CARE BY ME turns 10 years old! And for those 10 years, we have aimed to give you the possibility, with a clear conscience, to pamper yourself and your home with timeless Danish design in the luxury class. Because that has been our intention from the very beginning. To be able to create a more responsible business, where the basis is to embrace women in our part of the world with long-lasting, high-quality design, and at the same time improve the quality of life for women in developing countries, every time a purchase is made both in the webshop and at one of our lovely dealers.

CARE BY ME was established in September 2012, and is one of Denmark's first design companies with both social and climate-friendly goals, and we are very proud of that.

As our founder and creative director Camilla Gullits tells, CARE BY ME is a tribute to women all over the world, traditional craftsmanship and a more sustainable lifestyle. A tribute to responsible production, social responsibility and love for the nature through GOTS-certified organic textiles, natural high quality materials and recycled cashmere. Timeless and long-lasting Danish design, created by women for women.

Today, CARE BY ME is owned and run by a small team of women in Denmark, led by Camilla Gullits and Pernille Pold. We have gone from having 4 knitting ladies employed in Kathmandu to today having more than 75 women employed in our social workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here we create handmade luxury products, while at the same time improving living conditions for both the employed women and their families - and that is what our hearts beat for.

CARE BY ME is shown in more than 400 fine shops around the world – shops who believe in our brand and who think it is important we help people make conscious choices when they shop. Shops that tribute long-lasting design, high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, and who want to help us make a difference. Several of our customers feel more like family and friends than professional business partners.

CARE BY ME is built on love. Love for people and for the planet, and that is probably also why the relationships we have are both long and become very personal. This is perhaps also why we get so worried when crisis enters the world. The last 10 years have offered some big crises for our little brand; earthquake - Covid - war in Europe and now most recently Dengue fever outbreak in Nepal.

To get through these crises, we have all had to work closely together across national borders. Together we fought for our shared project and until now we have managed. But it has not been easy, and it has required readiness for change both in Denmark and in Nepal.

In a short time when Dashain is celebrated in Nepal, everyone we work with can afford to celebrate this festival with their families and their friends. They have trust and lots of love despite all the challenges that have been and still are.

We have new and exciting projects coming up, and we hope you will continue to follow along on our sustainable journey to build a brand that makes a small positive difference in our big world. Your support means so much more than you can imagine, and we are so grateful for every like, for every order and for all the support you give us.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU for the first 10 years, thank you for following, and for believing in our social and shared project. We hope you will join us for a long time, because we are only just getting started!

Yours, Pernille & Camilla

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