New year and new thoughts… Or actually old thoughts in a new year

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CARE BY ME has grown over the last years, and it is now important to look back on how it all started, and why I almost 10 years ago, in 2012, chose to start CARE BY ME. It is time to remember the true DNA of our company; to spread love to women all over the world.

CARE BY ME means: 'take care of me' or 'care given by me' - a sustainable lifestyle that must embrace women in our part of the world while our production must help women in developing countries.

Too many women in our part of the world forget to take care of themselves - they put their jobs, family, children and husband before themselves. They often forget that they have to take care of themselves and provide self-care in the long run, to have enough energy to give to everyone else. Once you learn to accomplish that, what you can offer others is so much greater. 

CARE BY ME is not a fashion brand or interior design brand. We are a lifestyle brand that practices the good and slow-living life. A life in balance with room for reflection, true craftsmanship and fantastic materials from nature. We want to treat people and the environment properly with love and respect, and hope that our mission and sustainable thoughts can help change a world and a lifestyle where too many people are stressed, burned out and too busy living up to the expected expectations of the modern society we live in.

When I started CARE BY ME, I wanted to create a ‘room’ where women can recharge and find energy and love for themselves. A room where it is ok to put oneself first without compromising. A room for diversity - different looks, different nationalities and different interests.

We believe that in our part of the world, we have enough resources to treat other people properly. We believe that the new luxury is full of love for people and our common beautiful planet.

During 2022, we at CARE BY ME will work on various themes that can support this mission. I hope that by restoring focus to our original mission we can all inspire each others. I hope you will follow our journey - it will be full of love ♡

Camilla Gullits, founder of CARE BY ME.

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