HAPPY NEW YEAR - with love from Camilla



In 2023, CARE BY ME achieved a significant milestone - earning the prestigious title of Børsen Gazelle.
When I founded CARE BY ME 11 years ago, it wasn't driven by financial motives. However, the past years have taught me the importance of financial sustainability for our meaningful project.
I am very proud that our small business has received this award, making a positive impact - that's what it's all about.

Pernille and I revisited our workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal in November 23, a heartwarming reunion with partners of over a decade. Witnessing the positive development of women and their families and the profound impact of CARE BY ME firsthand was truly inspiring.

The incredible craftsmanship and the remarkable unity among the women left a lasting impression. Our impact is truly growing as we expand, and we are grateful for your support - we could not have succeeded without you on this journey.

Reflecting on the past years and looking to the new year, I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments, excited about the future, and earnestly wish for 2024 to bring peace and love despite the world's challenges.

Fortunately, more people are now aware of the need for change in our habits to preserve our beautiful blue planet.
At CARE BY ME, we actively explore new ways to recycle our textiles. Operating on the principle of less but better, we believe our customers value quality over quantity. We support long-lasting design, not fast fashion trends. Most importantly, we strongly believe in paying fair wages to those making our products, contributing to better living conditions.

CARE BY ME has grown from a small, caring, and responsible project into a healthy business that supports and embraces women globally, while improving lives in developing countries.

Our brand honors traditional craftsmanship, embraces a sustainable mindset, and stands for responsible production and long-lasting Danish design carefully crafted by women, for women. Starting with only four knitting artisans in Kathmandu, to now employing over 75 women in our social workshops, we contribute daily to enhancing the lives and conditions of our employees and their families - something we're proud of.

We are grateful to work with more than 400 incredible stores worldwide. Stores that carefully curate their favorites from our collection, sharing our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Together, we empower customers to make conscientious choices while shopping.

Looking ahead, CARE BY ME is still all about love - for people, the planet, and long-lasting designs that will be cherished for years to come. We will keep embracing this value as we move forward. Our commitment to improvement and innovation is unwavering.

The journey ahead might have challenges, but with hard work, great products, love, and support from our community, we believe we can continue this journey for many years.

May 2024 mark a year of fresh beginnings, growth, and endless possibilities.

Once again, thank you for your support of our small, responsible brand.
Stay tuned as we unveil exciting plans for 2024.

Warm wishes for a bright, healthy, and peaceful New Year.
Happy New Year!

Camilla Gullits, Founder and Creative Director of CARE BY ME

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