Fall in love

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures lower and soon the forest is all covered in beautiful autumn colors  - yes, we have once more reached that time of the year. And even though our lovely, warm and very soft accessories, like our Sara and Hannah scarfs, are perfect during all kind of seasons - autumn is the perfect accessories-kind-a-season!

And if there’s one thing we love here at CARE BY ME - it is soft and beautiful cashmere and lovely warm wool. During the next few months it’s time to ensure your closet are up to date with scarfs, hats and gloves which will keep you warm, stylish and cozy during fall and winter.

TinaMost Importantly, it’s time to “hygge” - a concept which we love here in Denmark. “Hygge” is a feeling - a mindset. Reading a book by the fire with a hot cup of tea is hygge. So is eating homemade cookies while watching TV under a mountain of soft throws. In our opinion you can never have enough throws, pillows, cozy sweaters, warm accessories and hot drinks.

Wishing you all a lovely september 

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