7 years


Today, CARE BY ME turns 7, and I would like to use the anniversary to brag a little ♡

It's actually going well - our plan to professionalize and scale our business is bearing fruit.
We are making a social difference for people who are not as fortunate as ourselves and CARE BY ME is growing international - we are super happy and deeply grateful for that.

We work with the most beautiful and talented agents in Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Norway, France, Germany and Switzerland and Austria. We have distributors in Australia, the US and Japan and they all share our passion about our mission and brand.

We have expanded our business with some of the world's finest hotels and our small brand can be purchased in even more countries: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, USA, Austria… I hope I remembered everyone ...

We work with more than 300 exclusive stores who believe in our brand and who think it is important that we help customers make conscious choices when purchasing. Shops that tributes long lasting design high quality and good craftsmanship, and who would like to help make a difference.

We have more than 60 talented women and men working for us in Nepal and for whom we make a difference in their daily lives and in their families. Soon they will celebrate Dashain, and when they do they can afford to gather family and friends and give gifts and eat good food…because they work for us!

We've just been to trade shows, and they went really well. Our portfolio of potential partners are unbelievable and I really hope they will come true. We have new and exciting projects coming up - so we hope you will continue to follow in our journey of building a brand that makes a small positive difference in this great world. Your support means so much more than you think!

Yes, a lot has happened in 7 years, both with CARE BY ME and with the world. It is as if more and more people understand the importance of acting with care and want to do so. 7 years ago, there were many who told Camilla that she was crazy to give up a good business to start a brand whose foundation is to make a difference for women in developing countries.

Today, more and more people is working with sustainability, both in relation to social and environment challenges. It's SO great that we are getting more and more people who cares, the network of strong, beautiful, cool people is growing day by day. We help each other, we believe in a different and new way of doing business. Words such as decent, love, faith, compassion and responsibility are normal words in our common language, which we so much appreciate.

Thank you for the first 7 years, thank you for believing in our joint project. We hope you follow a long time, because we're just getting started!

Namaste Pernille & Camilla

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