From the very beginning, we have aimed to be a more conscious brand, with a strong desire to take care of people and the planet, while creating luxurious design that you as a consumer can buy with a clear conscience.

Since 2012, we have worked to make better conditions for women in developing countries, and today we have more than 75 women working for us in Nepal - every day our brand makes a positive difference for them and their families.

Our collection offers classic styles of the best quality and natural materials such as cashmere, soft wool, organic cotton, recycled materials and a series in linen and cotton.

At CARE BY ME, we work exclusively with materials created with respect for people and the planet. Our design is classic with proud references to our Nordic design traditions.

We want to create an alternative to the conventional consumer world, by designing classic long-lasting styles in fantastic qualities and natural materials. Our collections have a versatility that means you can easily style and mix and match them in different ways depending on the occasion - season after season - year after year.
It is important to us that when you invest in a style from CARE BY ME - either for your wardrobe or home, that you can have it for many years, and that the extra purchase might go on and become a key item that you love year after year.

As a consumer, you get the opportunity to make an active choice within a more responsible lifestyle when you shop, which is why transparency and openness are a natural part of our company's DNA. We work every day to ensure that our employees and their children have the opportunity for a good life with a bright future, and are proud of the difference we make, every single day.

We have extremely high demands on materials, partners and the working conditions under which production is carried out. In Nepal, we have very close relations with our manufactures, and in collaboration and with the help of Danida, we have restructured the production from being a traditional conventional production to a more responsible production with a focus on social and economic conditions.

Our founder and designer Camilla Gullits regularly travels to our workshop in Nepal to teach our talented employees about our collections and the good craftsmanship, but also to maintain the good relationships we have built up over the years. With good daily communication, we can work closely together, even if we are physically far from each other, which helps to ensure proper working conditions and quality-assured production, so that we get the best possible product to you as a consumer, which we can vouch for for.

In India, we collaborate with a well-established partner who is responsible for our entire organic cotton production. and ensuring that the employees have decent conditions, which is alpha omega for us.

Our partner in India also has a focus on the next generation. Because when an employee's child does well at school, it triggers a financial bonus for the family, which motivates the parents to get their children an education and thus a better and more secure future. However, it is taken into account that not all children have the same abilities.