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Your body and mind are relaxed, you have almost forgotten how to log in to your email and the lunch boxes are hidden at the bottom of the drawer. You've had plenty of time to think about other things than autumn's big tasks at work, the kids' new gymnastics season and the weekly meal plans that need to be made. And boom - then everyday life was back again. The summer holidays are over, and it is time to combine work and pleasure once again.

A mindful work/life balance, where the relaxed mind-set from the summer holidays, the lowered shoulders and the smile on the face are preserved, is the dream. And why not try to make exactly that possible?

Focus on the positive in everyday life and make sure you get off to a good start. Below are some of the things we ourselves appreciate:

  • Think of the good summer holiday memories that lift your spirits and affect your surroundings.
  • Your nice colleagues.
  • Make an extra nice lunch and treat yourself a little.
  • Drink enough water so that the body is well hydrated - as a bonus, it also gives you more beautiful skin. Here in the office, we all use a drinking bottle that is filled up several times a day - we love our new nice 10-year anniversary bottle. That way you remember to drink, and as a bonus it keeps the water refreshingly cool.
  • Bring a healthy snack with you for the trip home so you get enough energy before oicking up the kids, making dinner and so on. A rice cracker with chocolate, a piece of fruit or a protein bar, for example.
  • Run or go for a walk in the nature in the evening or when there is time for it. Fresh air is always good, and the bright late summer evenings are still with us for a while.
  • Breathe. Give yourself a moment to take a deep breath and send new oxygen to your head.
  • Grab a glass of white wine and soak up the last late summer vibes.
  • Sort your wardrobe and sell what you don't use, give it away or donate it.
  • Make sure you have some nice basics in your wardrobe so that you feel comfortable in the morning before heading off to work. We've made a collage below with our back-to-work favorites that you might be inspired by.


1. CECILIE shirtdress in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy / 2. BEACH bag crocheted by hand in hemp / cotton / 3. BEATRICE t-shirt in pure cashmere / 4. ANNA scarf in a soft silk/cashmere blend 5.  JOSEPHINE top in cashmere and wool / 6CECILIE skirt in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy  / 7. HELENA cardigan with beautiful pattern / 8. PURE scrunchy in organic cotton / 9. FAITH sweater In 100% cashmere / 10. LINA skirt in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin / 11. SARA tørklæde i blød / 12. CECILIE pants in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy13. VANESSA poncho i blød uld og cashmere / 14. LINA shirtdress in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin  15. INGRID top in pure cashmere 

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