Nepal has a population of 39 million people.

The Nepali country, people and culture have always been fascinating.  Giving us a glimpse of natural magnificence, true moments of spiritual tranquillity and the possibility of empowering gender equality, we love working in this beautiful country.

Nepal is made of Gods and Goddesses, temples and palaces, arts and crafts, music and war history.  However, there is one skill, which is common in every quarter, and that is 'hands of skilled workers'.  At CARE BY ME, we wished to combine this craftsmanship with our Danish design roots.

In the Kathmandu Valley, centuries-old traditional artisan skills continue in our small workshops where we do knitting on needles by hand, knitting on old-fashioned manual knitting machines, and weaving, both manually and semi-automatically.

CARE BY ME wishes to educate young women to become independent and to be able to take care of themselves.