WARM FEET - handmade slippers

The season's warm must have 

We have been looking forward to introducing you to WARM FEET - our new hand-felted and more sustainable slippers in pure wool.

A beautiful piece of handcraft, and a wonderful accessory through autumn and winter. 

The slippers are handmade in Nepal in a small social workshop. They are made of pure wool, with snowflakes as a beautiful feminine pattern and a suede sole.

Felted wool, just like sheepskin, is made to be worn in all seasons. 
Wool felt is naturally insulating, keeping your feet cool in the summer heat, and warm during the winter.

 The slippers are available in two nice colors and two different sizes.

Click to get ready for an autumn and winter without cold feet

Handmade with love

WARM FEET is designed in Denmark, and handmade with love in Nepal.

The natural wool is dyed with environmentally friendly colors.Then carded and shaped to slippers while it is wet. After shaping the slippers, the wet felt slippers are then dried under the sun. 
When the slipper is dry, we sew a suede sole on the bottom to make it last longer.

It takes time and requires great craftsmanship to make our slippers. 
One woman in our workshop can only make two pairs a day.

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