Nordic summer-nights

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Welcome August - the last month of summer. Everyday life now starts to catch up on most people, the days get shorter and the temperatures milder. The memories of the summer holidays are fresh in the memory, calmness has found its way into body and soul and the stomach is full of good laughs, cold white wine and local delicacies.

A good way to extend the holiday feeling is to move the bedroom outside. We ourselves love to sleep under the open sky in the warm summer months. Long, bright and mild summer nights, sunrise and birdsong.

Breathe in the scent of summer, look up and let the tranquility of the holiday continue into everyday life under the sparkling stars.

Our bedlinen and night wear in soft and breezy organic cotton are perfect for sleeping outside. And don't forget to grab a couple of cozy blankets and a pair of nice cashmere socks if the night gets too chilly.

May August be good to you - sleep tight <3

VIVIENNE, VERONICA & LINA - bedding and nightwear/homewear in GOTS-certified soft cotton gauze and crisp cotton poplin.

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