DIY: Nice zero waste drum

A cozy craft project for Christmas

Is there anything better than unpacking a box filled with creative materials, lighting candles, opening the cookie jar, turning up the Christmas music, and gathering with loved ones over a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate while crafting Christmas decorations

We love it ourselves, and even if you're not particularly creative or have ten left thumbs, you can always help with cutting ribbons/paper or simply enrich the gathering with cozy company. 

Below, you'll find a little guide to creating the finest drums from materials you already have at home. A great way to recycle both wrapping paper, ribbons, and toilet paper rolls and transform them into beautiful, personal decorations. Here at CARE BY ME, we love the idea of recycling, as you may have noticed from our latest upcycling project in this post.

You'll need
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Good glue
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Thin string/ribbon (about 122 cm depending on the desired look)
  • Wide string/ribbon (about 1 cm wide depending on the desired look, about 14 cm long)
  • Piece of used cardboard (e.g., from a used cereal box)
  • Scrap of wrapping paper (about 5*14 cm)
  • Tape
  • Coffee capsule, shot glass, or similar (used for measuring the bottom and top)
Step 1

Cut your toilet paper roll in half

  • If you cut it in the middle, it will be about 5 cm. The size depends on the desired height of your drum.
  • The guide is based on the middle with approximately 5 cm.

Step 2

Cut wrapping paper

  • Take your wrapping paper scrap and mark 514 cm (widthlength).
  • If your drum has a different size than 5 cm, mark accordingly.
  • You can roll your roll over the paper to check if the size fits.
  • Apply glue to the wrapping paper and roll the roll over it. Ensure that the glue is applied well in all four corners of the wrapping paper.
  • Press with your fingers where the paper ends so that the closure is as tight and invisible as possible.
  • Note: There may be a bit of extra paper for the top and bottom of the roll. You can either bend the edges into the roll (as shown in the pictures) or simply cut a tight edge after it's glued on.

Step 3

Wrap thin ribbon

  • Take a long piece of ribbon (about 122 cm depending on the desired look) and tape one end inside the drum.
  • Begin wrapping diagonally from end to end. Wind through the roll and let the ends meet, continuing to wrap diagonally to create elongated triangles. Continue until the ends meet.
  • Be aware of when you are approaching the starting ribbon again in terms of density. Adjustments may need to be made in the distance towards the end.
  • Note: The narrower the slopes you create with the ribbon, the more ribbon is required.

Step 4

Cut ribbon for hanging

  • Cut ribbon for your hanging. The length depends on where you want it to hang.
  • Use tape to stick the ends of the ribbon inside the roll.
  • For a nice finish, stick the hanging ribbon in line with one of the wrap-triangle tips.

Step 5

Top & bottom

  • For the top and bottom of the drum, you can use your roll to trace around on your cardboard. Be aware that the shape of the roll may have changed slightly after you cut it.
  • Alternatively, you can use a coffee capsule of a similar size (as seen in the pictures).
  • Make 2 cardboard pieces and cut them out.
  • If your recycled cardboard has writing/pictures on it or if you simply want a different color for your top and bottom than what the cardboard has, don't worry. Take your desired wrapping paper to the ends and glue it well to your 2 round cardboard pieces.
  • Place them on the back of the desired wrapping paper and cut them out.

Step 6

Glue gun

A: Top & Bottom

  • You are now ready to turn on your glue gun.
  • First, the top and bottom need to be glued. Move the glue gun around the edge of the roll so that large blobs don't form.
  • Be quick to put the top/bottom on as the glue dries quickly. Gently press the top/bottom together with the roll so that there are no air holes into the roll. Be careful—the glue can be very hot.

B: Ribbon

  • When both ends are glued on, you are ready to glue your wide ribbons at the top and bottom of the roll.
  • Glue a little at a time to prevent the glue from drying too quickly. To avoid seeing any dried glue, you can lift the ribbon a millimeter above the roll.
  • Note: Be careful with too much glue at the end when you create a nice finish.

These lovely drums were made by our talented marketing assistant, Laura Aller.

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