DIY: nice paper angels


We hope you will soon be ready for the holidays filled with lots of love, magical moments, surprises, family and good friends. But also that you find time for quiet days without plans, focusing on peaceful, loving moments of self-care.

A self-loving moment could, for instance, be a small, creative project, like the one we're showing today. An easy DIY guide to cute paper angels, which can be made in a multitude of variants.
So, if you need some nice decorations for Christmas, please read along.

Step 1

This is what you need:

  • Paper of your choice. At CARE BY ME, we love the idea of recycling paper you already have at home. For example, fine wrapping paper that you have collected over time, newspapers or old magazines. You can also use silk paper or baking paper, which gives a lighter and airier result.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread / string
  • Pearls

Then you have to fold.

The angel takes on a different expression, depending on how small or large you make the folds. Please try for yourself, and find your favorite.
The smaller the folds are, the more life the angel gets.

Step 2

Count the folds of the paper until you find the middle. Cut 1/3 down which will indicate the wings.

Find the center of the string and "roll" it around the angel. Tie a double knot so that the knot is right up to the angel.
If the cord ends are not the same length, cut them if necessary,  as it will make it easier for you to thread the needle.

Step 3

Unfold the angel and adjust the folds as needed.

If you would like the bead that indicates the angel's head to be in the middle, you can end the string by making a small hole in the paper in the middle and pulling it through before attaching the bead.
Remember to check that the bead's hole is large enough to fit the needle through.

Now your paper angel is finished and ready to decorate either on the Christmas tree, as a table decoration or in the window - only imagination sets the limits.

You can watch a small video guide below if you like.


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