Breezy beachy essentials

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The summer holidays are just around the corner.

Get ready for a sunny and warm July, hopefully filled with lots of sunshine and happy moments with your loved ones.

Whether it is a holiday at home, a sunny charter holiday or camping in the north, light, breezy styles, beautiful summer accessories and warm knitwear are a must.

Below you will find inspiration for beautiful, light styles in natural materials.

Wishing you a wonderful summer <3


1. VIVIENNE long dress (NEW) in soft GOTS-certified organic cotton / 2.LINA very long shirt in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin / 3. CECILIE tunic in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy / 4. SUN hat crocheted by hand in hemp / cotton / 5. AMY cardigan in a soft cashmere/silk blend / 6.CECILIE top in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy / 7.SUN hat & BEACH bag stripe crocheted by hand in hemp / cotton / 8. LINA long shirt in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin / 9. CECILIE skirt in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy / 10. LINA top in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin / 11. BALANCE rug in banana leaves/organic cotton  / 12. LINA strap dress in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin / 13. SUN hat lace & BEACH bag nature crocheted by hand in hemp / cotton / 14. LINA shorts in GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin 15. VIVIENNE dress in soft GOTS-certified organic cotton / 16. CECILIE shirt dress in linen / organic cotton - made from solar energy

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